My name is Suzi and here is my tale.

A Childhood Dream

What did I dream of being when I was a child?

For years it was to be a writer. My sister is an ace artist, and we cooked up schemes of books I would write, and she would illustrate.

Along the way, I got distracted. Us creatives often do. Indiana Jones turned my head for a while, and my passion turned to archaeology. Yes, I agree; that was a swerve ball no one expected.

A work experience stint piecing together old artefacts ensued. It was a phase that didn’t last, but it fed my interest in bringing things together to tell a story.

Big Suits

When university was over and life got serious, it was time to earn a living, and I found a niche in big business market research. Unearthing what matters to customers and telling their stories to big, suited decision-makers. Ok, they weren’t always big, nor were their suits, but their decisions did affect 1000s and 1000s of people. My words would, in turn, dictate the stories that went out to the customers and employees of Big Suits.

This world of big suits and big decisions also fed my inner number nerd. Turning reams and reams…and reams of data into something people could understand. Something that made sense.

A Piroutte

When the call of family life flexibility arrived, I pirouetted towards a new chapter and began to help small businesses. Many teeny tiny ones with little to no budget to spend on sharing their messages with the world. So, we’d work together to find creative ways to connect with their customers. The world of social media was dawning. New digital options were appearing daily. There was a dizzying amount of marketing options for all those small business owners to stay on top of.

The Lightbulb Moment

For a while, I wasn’t confident enough to label myself as a copywriter. Isn’t that an honour bestowed to a tiny, select and incredibly talented few?

Then a lightbulb moment dawned. Everything I was doing for these small businesses centred around words. The words on a website page, the words we use on our social media post or our news, sales or update emails. I had become a writer without realising it.

Loving The Copywriter Life

And so, it came full circle, and I can now say I’m fulfilling my dream. I am a writer. Ok, it’s not writing the crazy fun stories I conjured up as a toothy 10-year-old. But I write, and I love it. I love telling stories that help great little companies to connect with their customers. I twinkle inside when customers discover and embrace the people behind the brand façade. I’m also a number nerd, so SEO is right up my street. Ensuring everything written on a website plays the Google game without losing sight of my belief that everything is ultimately written for people is a challenge I adore.

Now I apply all the chapters of my tale to writing the story for small brands. The eagerness of the small child to create a narrative. The endless questioning and empathetic passion of a customer research specialist, ensuring the reader sits at the heart of everything. The knowledge of a number nerd to make sure the words enter the arena of the Google Olympics.

I am a writer.

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