Welcome to Marketing Hands – a practical and non-nonsense pair of hands for helping you to connect with your customers and raise the profile of your business, through the words you use and the stories you tell.

Specialising in the food, drink and photography industries, I offer freelance copywriting, marketing communications and content management.

I am here to tell YOUR story.

You love your business, and you want your customers to feel the same way.

When you set up your business, who knew there would be so much writing involved in marketing it? And so many little jobs to do to keep plugging your wares, talking to your customers online and ensuring people hear all about your fabulous products and services? You feel that a pair of hands to help you with all that ‘stuff’ would be really useful.

From keeping your blog or website up to date to talking to your customers on social media or email, I can help. A pair of Marketing Hands ensures your business promotion is ticking away nicely, so you have time to concentrate on driving your business forward.

We are currently rewriting our site to make sure it stays relevant. Do check back in a few weeks time to see more about how we can help you.

In the meantime, please Contact Suzi for help with your marketing.